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The toughbook 55 is the natural evolution of that line, doubling down on everything making those systems reliable regardless of the. For 100 years, our customers have trusted us to provide innovative, realworld technology solutions to their biggest challenges. Panasonic toughbook at your side public safety solutions. At first glance, panasonics latest toughbook the toughbook 33. Toughbook 53 panasonic north america united states. If you are looking for a guide to the newest and best panasonic toughbook models on the market, you have come to the ri. Download product specs, manuals, software development kits, user applications and wireless carrier software. Panasonic toughbook solutions for ems from mobile ingenuity. Back lit key boards for these cf30 machines are additional.

Its a super rugged, modular device developed for businesses, emergency crew, police, military, and those who need more out. Toughbook sdk for cf20 mk1 and mk2, cf33 mk1, cf54 mk2 and mk3, fzg1 mk4 and mk5, and fzm1 mk2 and mk3 models supports windows 7, windows 8. The newest version of this rugged stalwart, the toughbook cf31, looks much the same as its predecessor, the toughbook cf30. For convenient use by engineers, the device can be used in a docking cradle with a flexible angle to allow easy viewing in various usage scenarios.

The panasonic toughbook computer is a familiar sight in many fire and ems vehicles. Panasonic toughbooks for ems rescue squads and first aid squads. Panasonic has always created rugged equipment for state and local government employees such as first responders, who are tasked with lending aid in adverse conditions. Panasonic toughbook tablet pc cf 19 refrubished cf 19. Panasonic toughbooks for ems were recently implemented in command and control centers as a way to help test their effectiveness while also speeding up the emergency services process. Military grade devices for industrial use are five times more reliable than consumer devices that means you can count on panasonic toughbook devices on any jobsite, without the risk of downtime or failure. Heres a roundup of some of those products, with a focus on whats new and useful for fire ems. Panasonic safety notice computer product solutions. Follow the link below and youll enter the toughbook technical download section, in which youll find downloads covering. Customers can customize the preload on a particular system by adding or removing software, as they choose, but that the customized image may not be used on any other system each system would have to be customized individually.

Toughbook software development kit for windows os older models for. See our cookie policy eseries download useful tool. Heres a roundup of some of those products, with a focus on whats new and useful for fireems. Our mobile solutions combine purposebuilt rugged toughbook hardware with industryleading software and services so paramedics can improve responsiveness, work smarter and provide exceptional care. Panasonic toughbooks for ems rescue squads and first aid squads emergency medical services, or ems for short, rely on the ability to get information quickly and process it fast. Since 2009, black hawk usa is the only eco certified source for refurbished panasonic toughbooks and toughbook technical support services. It covers a variety of mobile computers, communications, wireless handsets, field data software, dispatch equipment, mounting equipment, and other tools for managing data in the field. For instructions on how to install and use the software after downloading, refer to the users manual that came with the display. With everything on the line, you cant afford to trust anything else. Getacs rugged mobile computers are built to withstand all types of weather conditions panasonic to launch toughbook 20 detachable laptop. Firehouse software is the best fire records management software in the industry, backed by the best support.

Jan 10, 2020 the latest versions of the software applications are available for download from this web site. Panasonic cfc1 driver the panasonic toughbook cfc1 was the first tablet released in the initial quarter of 2011 last year. Designed to support older, less resourceintensive operating systems like windows xp pro, it has the basics you need to support personnel in the field. Further to the safety notice issued in march this year, we have developed a software update for the model listed above that can be downloaded directly onto the affected laptop pc which diagnoses and controls the state of the battery to avoid ignition risk. Develop software for panasonic mobile computers us models only using these downloadable software kits. Panasonic announced upgrades to the toughbook 53 semirugged laptop with a windows 8.

Daylight viewable touchscreens and specialized software enable fire investigators to access and collect information from many sources, and organize it into evidence. Learn how panasonic solutions helped the ems division of a states department of health improve the quality of its medical care. So whether youre an it decision maker purchasing rugged computing for your business, an authorised reseller or software developer, here you will find invaluable information on our full range of panasonic computer product solutions. Panasonic toughbook solutions help ems professionals respond to emergencies as soon as they receive a call. Panasonic toughbook partner programme computer product. The panasonic cf 30 is the right computing solution for field operations, and with a refurbished toughbook, you can even save some of your budget without sacrificing performance.

Get quick access to toughbook drivers through individual searches, image downloads, or driver manager software. Panasonic toughbook omnia offers customers a complete. Panasonic cf 30 find refurbished toughbooks at oc rugged. Panasonic toughbook rugged computer product solutions. May 19, 2017 the toughbook 33 is a 2in1 convertible, with a completely detachable 12inch tablet featuring a 4k touchscreen offering some unique software features to allow it to function in rain or while. Panasonic security cameras offers a large lineup, from analog cameras to ip cameras that are suitable for your purpose. Software download for broadcast and professional av web site. Toughbook repair services telrepco is an authorized panasonic toughbook repair center, which means that we can handle all of your panasonic toughbook repairs, inwarranty and outofwarranty. Discover advancements in mobile deployments, unlock key business insights and get inspired. It helps if there are computers in both the command center and the vehicles if at all possible. Panasonic cf20 drivers panasonic again made a breakthrough by introducing a new tough 2in1 laptop variant, toughbook 20. Panasonic mobile computer wireless carrier software. Software improves efficiency of prehospital treatment.

Emergency medical services mobile solutions panasonic toughbook. These have been our most popular sellers among fire and. If you need a truly rugged laptop, panasonic toughbooks are trusted by the u. Get the brief visit our knowledge center to see how toughbook benefits ems. Panasonic specifically markets these computers to fire departments and ems workers, so all of their features have been designed with this job in mind. The toughbook 20s 2in1 detachable tablet design settles in as the goto solution for ems and fire customers and any other. Several of our first responder customers are running ems software on rugged tablets in the back of their vehicles. Important knl404kg, knl408kg, knl416kg, knl408ktg initial lot oi list of errata. We specialize in serving the needs of first responders, and currently offer exclusive discounts for fire, ems, police, and other emergency personnel. Our recertified panasonic toughbooks are sold to military, law enforcement, fire fighters and others whos rugged occupation requires a fully rugged laptop. Panasonic to launch toughbook 20 detachable laptop the fully rugged, detachable laptop combines the features of a laptop and a tablet, and is purposebuilt for challenging environments newark, n. If theres an accident, ems gets the call via computeraided dispatch cad on their toughbook rugged computer.

Buy panasonic cf53 semirugged toughbook with 14 inch hd screen, core 15 processor and backlit keyboard. With hdr, dramatic highlights and shadows and stunning levels of detail are brought to life along with breathtaking colour, that has been mastered for accuracy, to bring hollywood to your home. The panasonic toughbook cf19 tends to be the unit of choice for ems companies and ems consultants it is actually featured in the print and video marketing of ems. Glowzone makes your fire safety products photoluminescent, helping emergency crews locate and activate critical equipment. Panasonic safety announcement for preventing spontaneous battery ignition in its toughbook cfax series, cfsx series and cfc2 series.

Computer and software makers tailor their products to fireems. The fully rugged and detachable cf33 toughbook from panasonic was. As your govdirect account manager, i wanted to make sure you have the latest spec information on panasonics android a2 tablet and the convertible cf20 2in1 laptop. The panasonic toughbook 55 is a bit of a curveball in the laptop world. Discover the full range of models from the leader in rugged mobile technology. Toughbook solutions panasonic north america canada. Ems emergency medical services panasonic mobility solutions. Driver packages selection for enterprise cab and oneclick bundle distribution.

When you need toughbook computing that supports your mission and your legacy software, the panasonic toughbook cf 30 is a great choice. Our new range of 4k hdr tvs bring you truly cinematic picture exactly as the director intended. Black hawk panasonic toughbook software panasonic toughbooks. Panasonic computer product solutions drive mobile working innovation. The fully rugged, detachable laptop combines the features of a laptop and. The newest version of this rugged stalwart, the toughbook cf31, looks much the same as its predecessor, the toughbook. The acs firehouse program was created to run on panasonic toughbooks for fire departments.

Nov 22, 2011 although they have multiple applications for their technologies, one of the most beneficial has to be that of adding it to fire safety gear. Laptop panasonic toughbook order yours from oc rugged. Panasonic toughbook cf20 toughbook 20 tough rugged laptops. Buytough is an authorized an preferred panasonic toughbook dealer. The latest versions of the software applications are available for download from this web site. Panasonics latest toughbook hides a surprisingly good computer. Sep 22, 2016 the cf19 panasonic toughbook has long been the go to toughbook for highly mobile and fully rugged job codes such as ems. Panasonic toughbook cf 30 order your laptop from oc rugged.

Protection is part of the plan with panasonic mobile computers, and we offer excellent coverage. Panasonic updates toughbook with more rugged design. Programs installed include delorme street atlas with turnbyturn directions, garmin topo usa gps maps, microsoft office and more. Find all the driver software, utility tools, software download kits, manuals and other resources for your toughbook products. Want to learn more about emergency medical services billing software for your business. In these times of uncertainty, we wanted to make sure you know we are here for you. Toughbook technical downloads computer product solutions panasonic business. The toughbook has more options than a desktop computer, combining supreme efficiency with portability and durability. Cf19, cf31, cf54mk1, fzg1mk1, fzg1mk2, fzg1mk3 and fzm1mk1 models contains libraries to integrate panasonic hardware such as barcode, magnetic stripe, gps, and camera into 3rd party applications. Panasonic toughbook rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those who work in harsh environments day in and day out. In recent years, it has become touchscreen compatible, making the panasonic toughbook the unit of choice for their software. For public safety applications, our toughbook devices help you carry out your mission even in the most challenging environments. Panasonic solutions company delivers informationsharing and decisionsupport solutions for the public sector. Panasonic cf53 semirugged toughbook laptop factory.

The ultimate guide to toughbook models mooringtech. That explains why firehouse software is the most widely used nfirs 5. Further to the safety notice issued in april this year, we have developed a software update for the model listed above that can be downloaded directly onto the affected laptop pc which diagnoses and controls the state of the battery to avoid ignition risk. Construction workers, police, firefighters, ems professionals, auto mechanics. Ems companies like emergency medical transport are turning to the panasonic toughbook for its ability to run electronic patient care record epcr software and wireless readiness. Download the latest software development kits for panasonic toughbook. The ems1 mobile data product category is a collection of products and information for researching ems mobile data equipment. Panasonic toughbook rugged and semirugged notebooks are designed to be used by law enforcement, firefighters, ems personnel, and others needing dependable computers.

Toughbook devices are designed specifically for those who use them, and they have the reliability needed to accomplish a safe and successful workday. Panasonic has just announced that the toughbook 31 is more durable than ever, with an 18hour battery life or 27 hours with an optional second battery and a design that withstands a 6foot drop. Important latest security information for eseries network cameras and network recorders. The device does have some dubious touchscreen technology and can only be enjoyed by business users, with a traditional laptoplike shape with a swivel touch screen. Sep 12, 2019 panasonic s toughbook 55 isnt fullon armored, but among true rugged laptops, its the easiest to customize and one of the bestequipped. Panasonic toughbooks for ems rescue squads and first aid. Software download professional displays panasonic global. All about emergency medical services ems billing zoll data. This is the most complete software package available for any toughbook. Purpose built from design to delivery, our fully rugged mobile devices help you to serve and protect.

Panasonic toughbook fz55a0601vm 14 notebook 66 x 768 core i5 i58365u 8 gb ram 512 gb ssd windows 10 pro inplane switching ips technology english us keyboard infrared camera bluetooth 20 hour battery run time. Emergency medical services mobile solutions panasonic. Toughbook rugged mobile computers panasonic global. As a toughbook partner you will have access to the range of devices from the market leader, with business development. Our focus on the panasonic toughbooks product line provides us with an advantage in that we have expert product knowledge and superior implementation services for the toughbook. Through their full line of panasonic toughbook mobile solutions, ems professionals. In 1998, panasonic created the first semirugged computer.

With over 20 years of experience, telrepco is here to offer you the leading source for panasonic toughbook repairs and service. Time, quality, and reliability are important to you. When the everyday is fast paced and unpredictable, panasonic toughbook secure customized solutions can help those who help us work smarter, faster and safer. Panasonic to launch toughbook 20 detachable laptop. Weve compiled the latest industry research and reports to help. Call 18775328088 to find out more about how toughbooks can work for your department. Panasonic has developed the first fully detachable laptop. The panasonic cf20 is the worlds first fully rugged detachable laptop tablet hybrid. Panasonics latest toughbook hides a surprisingly good. The results of the panasonic toughbooks for rescue squads test drive were overwhelmingly positive.

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