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Introduction if you want to move something, there will be resistance. Two types of energy loss predominate in fluid flow through a pipe network. Friction losses in straight pipe reynolds number fluid. Ramith bulumulle 24698512 don gayanga millevithanatchy 24829781 zhi ying lim 23725540 26102014 abstract the principle examined in this experiment was how the frictional flow of a fluid in a pipe relates to the relationship with the fluids reynolds number. Example lab report losses civl2310 fluid mechanics. Use the template provided to prepare your lab report for this experiment. Chapter 7 flow through pipes 71 friction losses of head in pipes 72 secondary losses of head in pipes 73 flow through pipe systems 71 friction losses of head in pipes.

Friction loss along a pipe introduction in hydraulic engineering practice, it is frequently necessary to estimate the head loss incurred by a fluid as it flows along a pipeline. Discussion from this experiment will obtain data that will tell us whether the water flow is turbulent or laminar. By equations 5 and 7, we find that the head loss is 4 w f l h gd. The pressure losses across the two sections of pipe head loss, hl is used to find the darcy friction factor f for the sections of pipe.

In this experiment for sudden contraction is diameter 1 is 25 mm and. Minor secondary head losses occur at any location in a pipe system where streamlines are not straight, such as at pipe junctions, bends, valves, contractions, expansions, and reservoir inlets and outlets. Doc mec2404 frictional flow in pipe lab report done by. The value for hl is obtained by diving the pressure drops across the sections of pipe by the product of the density kgm 3 of the fluid and gravity ms 2. Head losses in pipes fluid flow lab report docsity. By know the major head losses due to pipe diameter over a length o f pipe and the minor head. This this is due to the fact that for pipes of important length, their value can be neglected comparatively. The specific hydraulic model that we are concerned with for this experiment is the energy. Head losses due to singularities or accessories are commonly termed minor head losses. There are many types of losses of head for flowing liquids such as friction, inlet and outlet losses. In the experiment described below, we investigate the frictional resistance to flow along a long straight pipe with smooth walls.

The friction factor or coefficient of resistance is a nondimensional measure of. The major loss is that due to frictional resistance of the. Friction loss in pipes applied fluid dynamics class 032. Friction losses in pipes live experiment 2015 youtube. Air bubbles, manometer tube, data collection, manual volume flow. Example lab report losses civl2310 fluid mechanics uon. Now that you know already how to calculate friction factor, is time to calculate friction loss due to flow in pipes. Friction loss along a pipe introduction in hydraulic.

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