Deer hunting season maine 2016

Ten whitetail deer were collared in northern maine and tracked, every three. Let our maine master guides and dedicated lodge staff provide you with a quality guided or unguided hunt from our wilderness lodge in the forks, maine. Deer kill largest in last ten years june 14, 2018 maine, deer. All hunt packages for deer hunting are in district 20 we have a maximum of two 24 hunters per week.

From guns and ammo to bows and accessories, we have the information you need. Only deer with antlers at least 3 inches long may be taken from october 31december 12, except that any deer may be taken in designated wmds by hunters with anydeer permits. Wildlife resources commission has suspended the sale of. New season dates are posted in late summer, or you can visit future big game hunting seasons to determine future dates for big game deer seasons. The statewide bag limit for antlered deer is two 2. The commissioners advisory council approved a rule calling for a fall wild turkey hunting season. Wilderness escape outfitters is four season, maine sporting camp and wilderness retreat. Nov 30, 2019 maine state record book holder at 222 lbs. Maine kicks off its 2016 deer hunting season for firearms. We have the experience to obtain one of these whitetail. Video of the 112lb spike horn i harvested in central maine.

Except as specified, all other laws relating to the taking of deer with firearms shall apply to the taking of deer with muzzleloaders. Early numbers show strong hunting season january 6, 2019 maine, gazettenet. The last year they offered deer hunting at their lodge, they got only 6 hunters. Most regulations are subject to change by administrative rule. Hunting deer in me is different than hunting deer out west and much of the south. I had the correct expectations going into maine for deer. Maine residents day october 29th 1st week october 30th november 6th 2nd week. Using this online service you will be able to enter into the maine moose permit lottery. We allow night hunting for coyotes from december 16 march 31.

The annual bag limit does not apply on mldp properties. Youth day is the saturday before the start of firearm season for all maine residents. Northern maine has some of the most extraordinary trophy whitetail deer hunting in the united states. It is not too early to be thinking about and preparing for maine deer hunting season, now mere weeks away. Maine firearm season for deer begins saturday, october 29. And its no wonder that deer, moose, bird, and smallgame hunting has been a tradition in maines north woods for generations. Oct 29, 2016 westbrook, maine saturday marked residents only day the first day of deer hunting season for the state of maine. Whitetail deer hunting in maine the lodge is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres owned by large paper companies, all open to hunting. The regular firearm season for deer opens on saturday, october 29 for. The whitetail deer firearm season occurs throughout november, while the whitetail deer muzzleloader season is during the first week of december. Maines deer hunters disappeared along with the deer george.

All season dates on this page are effective for the current license year, which runs from september 1 to august 31. We provide one of the best hunts available in this area. Only one antlered deer may be taken before november 16. November 3, 2016 by anonymous filed under real estate blog, recreation land. Sunkhaze meadows milford carlton pond wpa troy sandy stream unity whitetail deer hunting whitetail deer in. Just like hunting ruffed grouse in the northeast is different than hunting pheasant elsewhere. Dec 19, 20 as far as the hunting aspect of the trip, it was beautiful scenery and my first moose sightings while hunting. Seasons and regulations nevada department of wildlife.

Walter gibson maine, nh,mass should have an extra deer tag for muzzleloader season and it should be early like archery season as when your black powder, flint or caps get wet in the cold freezing rain and snow you get a lot more misfires than using a cartridge rifle. No more than one 1 antlered deer may be taken per day. Maine residents enjoy a few days earlier than that extending their deer hunting season to include october 27. Additional deer may be taken by participating in the expanded archery season, or by anyone possessing a bonus antlerless deer permit or superpack antlerless deer permit. The expanded archery season generally runs from early september to mid december. Maine deer hunting season hunting retreat in maine. A bear permit is required in addition to a hunting license from august 29 through october 28, 2016. Back in 2016, zachs brother luke shot a great buck. While the northern big woods automatically comes to mind when most people think maine hunting, the southern counties continue to hold higher deer numbers. From the list of lottery applicants, the maine department of inland fisheries and wildlife will administer a chance drawing to select winners for a maine moose hunting permit. Deer hunting is by no means easy, and requires a good deal of patience, along with the ability to cover great distances or maintain a stand. It is designed as a service to hunters and is not intended to be a complete digest of all hunting and trapping regulations.

Hunters may purchase and fill any number of archery antlerless deer hunting permits in open counties you may take only two antlered deer during the archery and firearms deer hunting seasons. Checking in on maines deer herd after mild winter april 23, 2016. Wildlife resources commission has suspended the sale of all field trial permits until further notice. Augusta, maine this saturday, october 29, marks the beginning of the regular firearm season for deer, an unofficial holiday for tens of thousands of hunters across the state.

Southern, maine district 20 york county buck please note. Im not advocating baiting, feeding, enticing, whatever, but people do it because you can go days if not weeks never seeing a deer. There are very few areas in the world that contain more 200 poundplus bucks per square mile than the north woods of maine. Beginning with the 2015 2016 season every purchaser of a deer tag s must report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt. Whitetail deer hunting in maine northern pride lodge. Beginning with the 20152016 season every purchaser of a deer tag s must report their harvest, even if they were unsuccessful, or if they did not hunt. Amazing shed hunt big elk, big mule deer and coues deer. Below are the seasons and bag limits for most hunting and trapping seasons for from july 1, 2019 through june 30, 2020. Post pictures of your successful deer hunt in maine. Deer hunting in northern maine utilizes all hunting methods, still hunting, tracking white tails, spotting, tree stands and deer calls.

Ongaros outdoor outfitters is hired to hunt 433,359 views. Maines 2017 deer harvest the highest in a decade outdoors. All hunters carrying a legal maine hunting license, that. In 1921, for example, deer hunting was limited from october 15 to december 14. At northern outdoors, hunters have enjoyed premium hunting trips with us since 1985. About 275,000 deer in 2019, up from an estimated 240,000 deer in mid2017 and 2018. Deer hunting in vermont, new york and maine 2019 season. Whitetail firearm season kicked off in maine this year starting with its traditional youth day. If your looking to see deer behind every tree, stay home.

Dates for hunting seasons are listed on the individual species pages. For successful hunters, the report must be made within 30 days of harvesting a deer or by january 31, whichever date is first. September 7, 2019 through december 14, 2019 designated areas only the expanded archery areas were established to provide additional deer hunting opportunities in locations in where deer populations can withstand additional hunting pressure without negatively impacting other existing deer hunting opportunities or human safety. Hunters and nonhunters generally are successful at safely sharing the use of properties around the state. A second deer tag may be used to obtain the following.

The state offers deer, moose, bear and small game seasons. Turkey hunters will now get a chance to chase their quarry during the fall in maine. Sunkhaze meadows national wildlife refuge hunting regulations. A trail camera happened to catch some very important moments from the hunt. On the very first day of the season which happened. Maine deer hunting 2018 big hardwoods buck on the ground. Jan 08, 2016 the last year they offered deer hunting at their lodge, they got only 6 hunters. Hunting out of deer camp for the first three days of the rifle season in northwestern maine. Dont delay in getting your deposit in for our limited hunting spots. May 23, 20 the deer hunter in maine is not alone since nearly 200,000 hunters vie for the around 30,000 whitetailed deer which are are taken annually during deer hunting season there. We allow coyote hunting from october 1 to march 31.

Fawns are reddish, brown or reddishyellow spotted with white. The guide is a summary of indiana hunting regulations. Antlers normally occur only in males and are formed and shed each year. If you want to take an extra deer, check into some of the wmds that offer additional deer or even antlerless deer permits by lottery draw. Only deer with antlers at least 3 inches long may be taken from october 31december 12, except that any deer may be taken in designated wmds by hunters with any deer permits. Maine hunting seasons, 20192020 if youre considering east coast exploration, maine s hunting seasons might be the place for you. There have been no changes to north carolina hunting or fishing license requirements, seasons, or bagcreel limits. Oct 30, 2017 as deer hunting season gets into full swing in maine, many people hunters and nonhunters alike are looking for places to hike and bike that are off limits to hunting, simply to avoid even the possibility of a mistake or conflict. Maine hunters happy with start of deer hunting season. Seasons and bag limits for license year july 1, 2021june 30, 2022 will be proposed at the january 2021 meeting of the board of game commissioners. Although i did not harvest a buck, there was one in camp that someone else got and all i can say is that it was a giant. We allow bobcat hunting during the state prescribed season.

In fact, depending on the rest of your schedule work, family, football, you might be running a bit late. Maines deer hunters disappeared along with the deer. The terrain varies from large cedar and spruce swamps to high, open hardwood ridges with open clear cuts scattered throughout most of the area. To comply with the governors stay at home order and help prevent the spread of covid19, the n. The season would run from october 21, 2002 through november 1, 2002 in southern oxford, york, cumberland, lincoln, knox, waldo, and kennebec counties. The population has been supported by mild winters in 201516 and 201617. An antlerpoint restriction applies in some counties. And the impact of the loss of deer hunters has also been tough on other businesses in northern and western maine, from guides to restaurants. Watch the guys 2019 deer season from across 3 states.

Hunting hours are from 12 hour before sunrise to 12 hour after sunset. We specialize in hunting and fishing adventures, canoeing and kayaking, winter recreation, and family vacations. An archery license is required to hunt deer during the regular archery and expanded archery seasons. The state offers deer, moose, bear and small game seasons throughout the fall and spring. All hunting seasons are closed unless opened by specific tennessee fish and wildlife commission proclamation. We have a private location on the shore of upper hot brook lake, with a mile of lake frontage. Semi guided hunts regular archery, firearms and muzzleloader seasons. Each north country lodge hunter will be hunting on a stand that has not been hunted by others regardless whether the first week or the last. Select a category to find specific season dates, unit maps and other hunting information. Trophy maine deer hunts guided and semiguided deer hunting. Maine bear hunting over bait at matagamon wilderness camps. Hunting dates and seasons new hampshire fish and game. If any premium deer hunt tags remain after the big game drawing, first deer tag applicants may apply for any leftover premium deer hunt tags starting at 8 a.

Rion getting a buck in maine this past season and demonstrates the advantages of hunting in teams. Additional deer may be taken by participating in the expanded archery season, or by anyone possessing a bonus antlerless deer permit or superpack antlerless. We are now located in beautiful athens maine about 20 minutes north of skowhegan, maine. Maine is renowned as one of the best states in the u. The season limit is one antlered deer for all portions of the firearms deer season. Hunter orange clothing is required during this season see hunter orange clothing requirements.

Trophy whitetail deer hunting outfitters in maine allagash. The following are general dates for the maine hunting season. Rack of the year award trophy bucks maine deer hunting. Refer to the deer hunting regulations in the code of massachusetts regulations, 321 cmr 3. The population has been supported by mild winters in 201516 and 2016 17. A muzzleloading permit is required, in addition to a hunting license, to hunt deer during muzzleloading season on deer. North dakota north dakota deer hunting north dakota fishing. And make sure everyone is safe, follows the rules out there and goodluck. If you want to take additional antlered deer, you must hunt on an archers hunting permit during the archery deer season or in a managed hunt where antlered deer can be taken. Nonresident and alien hunters are required to purchase a november late season bear hunting permit to hunt bear during the. Maine hunting seasons, 20192020 if youre considering east coast exploration, maines hunting seasons might be the place for you. Hunting season for maine residents begins with early success stories.

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